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Interior of the Month // by Rafe Churchill

This beautiful New York farm house has the most delicious interior. The colours are glorious ; confident, happy, summery, and playful. What’s so nice about this whole ensemble is almost the contradiction between the built form and its interior colour scheme. Whilst the architecture (by Sharon Architects) is traditional, the interiors tread a continually wobbling line between the presumed country house aesthetic and a much more vibrant edge. I just love this. I often think that I’d love to have a big old tradtional country house, and then I realise that I’m just not really that way inclined. I could certainly live with classic, subdued interiors and elegant finishes for a time, but I know that deep down, soon enough, it’d all just begin to feel a bit too reserved for me. Well, have I found the answer in Rafe!

Room of the Month // by John B Murray

This month’s room of the week is the upper landing and hall of John B Murray’s Hudson Residence. This hall has an inherently subtle nature, relying on natural materials and views to the garden to enliven and decorate the space. The dappled light cast in shadows upon the floor describes the passing of the day, and in a more historical sense, the passage of time is conveyed by the aged timber furnishings within.

Room of the Month // by Michael S Smith

This month’s room is a dining and lounge in a meticulously renovated Chicago apartment building, interior designed by Michael S Smith, with interior architecture by Marvin Herman. With a portfolio of wonderfully elegant and warm interiors, Michael’s work incites a sense of restful calm and clarity, whilst also ensuring each space distinct character and originality.