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Object of Desire // deVOL Kitchens

Oh dear Lord. Sometimes I really think I belong in another place – aka, England, France, some other part of Europe, etc etc. It’s as though my English/Irish Heritage is really catching up to me now, and I simply need to be around these sort of spaces (I won’t go into my potential Punjabi heritage here, for that would only confuse things, although it does explain my constant talk of sunshine and heat…).

deVOL traditional furniture makers

Anyway, I’ve just come across some of the most wonderful kitchens, created  by UK based cabinet-makers deVOL. They are overwhelmingly beautiful and incessantly calming, and come in the most fail-safe (but not boring) range of classic colours and styles.

It’s true, their range is specific and limited, but this just goes to show the positive side of really honing in on ones’ particular area of interest and/or specialisation. In deVOL’s case, it means a highly considered and well thought out range that will certainly only suit some, but suit them it will, and avidly so!

Below is a little discussion on kitchen styles, a few of my favourite cabintery arrangements [designed and built by deVOL], as well as a little sample of their stunning colour range.

 All images courtesy of

Some of the colours available in the deVOL range

What style suits you?

The thing about Classic English and Shaker style cabinetry is that it works so well with many different interior styles. Indeed, most traditional kitchen styles are slight variations on one another, having gradually developed over time according to the changing needs of families and local trends in craftsmanship. Over the years, these styles have been further influenced by international tastes and developments in manufacturing, and stylistic differences are by no means fully explored in just the Classic English and Shaker styles. There are also the Provincial, Hamptons (or New England), and French Country styles, as well as many others. Having said that, if your taste falls close to any one of these, it might easily be assumed that overall, you are a Traditional kitchen kind of person.

It is actually quite difficult to describe the precise differences between the Classic English and Shaker styles (let alone all of the others..!), and many of the below examples are really amalgamations of both. As you might expect there are really only minor variations between all of the styles. For example, the most predominant difference between a Hamptons style kitchen and a Classic English is in their respective colour palettes. A Classic English kitchen is typically made up of muted, natural tones, evocative of English gardens and cloudy grey skies. A Hamptons style kitchen is typically much crisper, made up of bright whites or fresh creams, and often with stronger contrasting elements (such as benchtops). Of course, there are other detail differences, but in many cases these are mostly only evident to the trained eye.

My advice then, would be that it’s not so important to clarify the style you like, but rather to find an example of a kitchen you love, and head down that path instead. It may not be a purist Shaker kitchen, but then, none of the examples below are either. What’s important is that your kitchen engenders a positive feeling within you, and with endless options, sometimes just going for the look that warms your heart the most is the easiest way to choose.



Warwickshire Barn kitchen // Warm farmhosue kitchen with varied cabinet heights, depths and finishes for a cosy feel



Kew kitchen, in Mushroom // Calm and comfortable with Belfast sink and bright white Aga.



Loft kitchen, in Lead // Eat in kitchen with a lovely, sunny windowseat and silver cabinet hardware


Wymeswold kitchen

Wymeswold kitchen in Linen // Crisp, creamy cabinets with lovely spotty diamond cut-out detail


Cotes utility room

Cotes utility room // Cabinets in the beautiful, deep Pantry Blue, with brass detailing and marble counters


Silverdale Kitchen

Silverdale kitchen // The most wonderfully inviting and cosy small kitchen



Osgathorpe Kitchen Project // Fabulous sage green cabinetry with smooth, black timber hardware



Cotes Mill Kitchen // Whitewashed walls, mushroom cabinets and occasional timber paneling details



Woodhosue kitchen, in Linen // A fabulously French feeling kitchen – and look at those floors!


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