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Object(s) of desire // Tom Dixon lighting

Lighting – what is it good for? Absolutely everything!

Even the best of us architects are unable to defy the beguiling glances of rigorous, pure, geometric forms. Nor can we honestly turn away from the alluring lustre of robust, masculine, metallic things. And I do not believe for a moment that we are capable of retreating from shiny, wondrously lit objects…

In many ways then, it’s not surprising that lighting is such a fascinating and delicious thing to all of us. It doesn’t t simply come down to the form of the object itself either – as designers and live-rs in this world we know and want for the power of  inviting, soul-warming light, and we know that there is no such thing a a meager substitute for a perfectly lit room.

The fact is that I can’t help but become a little poetic thinking on it, but I must regather, and as they say, get to the point!

I’ve just spent a few weeks pondering Tom Dixon’s fabulous lighting collection (not just his most recent, but really, his WHOLE collection), and I so fully appreciate the whole-hearted attention he gives to this all-powerful influence on our every day being. Personally (you might have gathered), I hold lighting in the greatest esteem, exactly because of its inherent power to shift our moods, heighten conversation, or strengthen [read: create] atmosphere.

Below are a selected few Tom Dixon designs that I found to be most intriguing, unique, and evocative. There is a large wad of their work which is rather retro inspired (and fabulously so!), but there’s something in these rough, textured, geometric examples that really get me, I can’t quite say what, but I think you might see it too.

All images from Tom Dixon.
Gem pendant tall

gem-under-2Gem pendant interior

Gem wide pendant

Gem wide pendant interior

Gem wall sconce // Lit

Lustre collection

Lustre light flat

Etch collection // In brass, copper, stainless steel & black

Etch black

Etch stainless steel

Cell tall pendant

Cell wall sconce



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