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Automotive Holdings Group Office

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The design brief

Automotive Holdings Group is Australia's largest motoring and logistics group. This year, their head office relocated from its existing Perth location to a recently constructed Sydney office and we had the pleaseure of designing its interiors. 

An enormous scale project, this was a huge and exciting venture for us. We approached it with great enthusiam and early on defined that the interiors of this new space should wholly reflect AHG as a brand, and its position as a leader in the automotive industry. 

With over 4,000m2 of office and front of house operations space and more than 8,000m2 of warehouse, the project required an intensely rigorous approach and an extremely deliberate and well defined design outcome. This was held in check by our overarching Interior Concept, which came to inform every element of the interiors, from colour and work stations design to custom rugs and joinery.

The Design Proposal

The proposal puts forth an Interior Concept that confidently and accurately reflects the character and identity of AHG, whilst also allowing these selections to cater for the partnership between AHG and its affiliated brands.

The Interior Concept draws closely on AHG’s identity; as a capable, reliable, and consistent group that manages and retails highly engineered products. AHG’s logistics network and its automotive retailers are the embodiment of innovation, precision, and detail. The proposed Interior Concept intends to reflect these characteristics throughout the building from large scale first impressions to the minute details of each furniture and detail selection.

The interior palette is comprised of greys, black, white, chestnut coloured upholstery, timber, and chrome. These selections reflect both AHG’s branding and public perception of the automotive industry as a whole as being high-tech, refined, and dignified. Furthermore the palette has been carefully considered as a neutral backdrop to sit comfortably alongside additional colours brought to the space via the presence of the various brands represented by the company.

The interior palette is designed to be viewed as a whole in order to ensure coherency throughout the various spaces within the building which are in many ways indistinct given the predominance of glazed interior walls. For this reason, and to ensure coherency and clarity within the space, the proposed interior palette is succinct, refined, neutral, and deliberate.

This concise, neutral palette is given depth and interest by the application of varied textures, sheen, materials, and transparency provided by glass. This strategy is utilised throughout the building to create distinct spaces with characteristics suited to their unique functional requirements without moving away from a strong, timeless Interior Concept with a neutral base palette.

Gull Cottage

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Sustainability, Durability, Efficiency, and Livability.

The Kings’ Houses

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An intervention inherently linked with the landscape.

Bar Beach House

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Site, local context, natural light, framed vistas, and sea breezes.

House at Lorn

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Historic federation character combined with a warm and inviting social hub for a contemporary family-oriented life.

House at the Vintage

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The Design Brief

The site is located in small development of houses on the Vintage golf course in the Hunter Valley. Central to the brief was a requirement to maximise views and make the most of the natural qualities of the site and its immediate golf course context. The clients dreamed of a house that felt almost as though it were a holiday home - inviting, relaxing, and open to the sun all day long. 

The proposal itself needed to accomodate a large, primary living space housing the kitchen, dining and main living room. It also needed to provide a secondary living (tv) room, an office, outdoor living and dining rooms and four bedrooms. 

At the heart of the project is the clients' requirement that the proposed dwelling interacted plentifully and thoughtfully with the surrounding landscape, and wherever possible provide for effortless and abundant connections between inside and out. The design response intends to develop a multitude of interior and exterior spaces dedicated to the varied daily rhythms and functions of the family that openly engage the house with the landscape and satisfy the poetic and pragmatic demands of the brief.

The Design Proposal

The design proposes a light, airy, spacious, and inviting dwelling with an inherent visual, physical, and poetic connection to the immediate and surrounding landscape. 

The design invites exploration, gradually revealing itself as one moves from the entry to within. 

Public living areas open themselves generously to sun, gardens, and the golf course. Sleeping zones are secluded and private, taking in distant vistas. 

The proposal is underpinned by an intention to embody an effortless flow between inside and out, always encouraging human interaction with natural light, ventilation, views, and the outside.

Willoughby Road House

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The Design Brief

The owners bought this house as their forever home. It is located in a lovely spot with distant water views towards Terrigal and Wamberal beaches, is close to good schools, shops, and restaurants, and is on a huge (1100m2), suburban block on the high side of the road. 

The house, however, wasn't quite suited to the needs of the family, and was suffering from a few key issues, as well as being a bit too small, and generally dated and in need of some refurbishment. 

The house sits toward the rear of the site and looks over a large, north-facing, sloping front garden and views toward the ocean. The ground floor includes a tight double garage and a multi-purpose room, whilst the upper floor encompasses the house's primary living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The front of the upper floor of the house is spanned by a narrow deck onto which several sliding doors open, whilst the lower floor is dominated by the double garage. The multipurpose room on the ground floor is disconnected from the rest of the house having no internal access to the upper floorexcept via the garage.

The first floor deck and primary living areas are accessible only via a winding side path which is not clearly visible, or through an internal stair at the back of the garage. For this reason, one of the biggest design issues was the house's lack of a front door (literally!) and an unclear path of entry for guests. 

Furthermore, the house currently has no outdoor living space and only partially takes advantage of its northeastern views. The existing deck is too small too accommodate armchairs and has no capacity to cater for outdoor dining, and the kitchen is cramped, lacking storage space, and very dated.

At the rear of the first floor the three bedrooms are very small and share one small, internal bathroom. Although these rooms have views of the rear garden, which climbs upward at the rear of the block to be almost at the level of the bedrooms, the house currently provides no direct access to the garden, and instead requires one to exit the front of the house and walk around to the rear along the side path. 





The Design Proposal

The design process began by clearly identifying the clients' needs, tastes, and a close examination of the constraints of the existing building and site. The house's unusal arrangement meant that the primary need was for the need for clear and easy access to the first floor living areas including a new entry, as well as alterations and additions to the existing bedrooms for increased space. The house as a whole also needed to develop an engaging and workable relationship with the garden. 

Design Intentions

To create a comfortable family home with plenty of indoor and outdoor living space, a clearly defined entry, a good connection with the front and rear gardens, and maximised views of the ocean to the east and southeast.

The scope of the project was designed to reflect the long term intentions of the family and provide for the satisfaction of their changing needs over a period of up to 25 years. 

The design required to be developed so that it may be implemented in stages according to available budget and appropriate timing, and so that the clients may remain in the house throughout all construction works. 

Design Concept

The clients bought this house after moving home from several years living in Queensland. They loved the traditional Queenslanders they spent time in whilst residing there, and particularly liked their detailing, large outdoor living spaces, and the vistas inherent with living a level above the street.

Given the existing building's flipped floor plan and elevated nature, the project was approached almost as if it were a Queenslander. We began by denoting a large, welcoming entry stair and instating a generous wrap around verandah with plentiful covered outdoor spaces to relish the view, relax, and entertain within. We then disintegrated the first floor frontage so that the primary living areas opened directly onto these new outdoor living areas, effectively increasing their footprint without changing the main building structure in any way.


Under Construction


Alterations and additions to Willoughby Road House are currently underway, starting with the front facade, new entry stairs, and north facing outdoor living areas. 

Photos to be updated soon!

Scarborough Beach House

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The Design Brief

This project was a new build on a tiny 270m2 battleaxe block in Scarborough, Western Australia. The brief was to design a home which made the best use of the small site in providing spacious interior space and usuable outdoor space.

More specifically, the brief defined the need for an open plan kitchen in the heart of the house as well as another separate, flexible living space, which could potentially be used as a guest room. The clients also required three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a guest WC, as well as good storage space in the garage.

The Design Proposal

The site is located within 2 kilometers of Scarborough Beach and this, in many ways, defined the nature of the design, both in terms of its interior design and the arrangement of the plan, in which the C shaped house wraps a northeast facing courtyard garden.

Within a very restricted budget on an awkward site, we oversaw the project from concept to completion; including building and interior design and the sourcing of all materials, paint finishes, and interior fittings.

The end result is a light, spacious and private house with treetop or garden views from all rooms, several garden and outdoor living spaces, and a classic, yet relaxed interior palette.