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Cabinet Dentaire des Arènes

23 Aug 2019 by In Interiors

The Interior Concept

The Interior Concept proposes a refined, deliberate, and unique interior that confidently and coherently represents the function, identity, and values of the Cabinet Dentaire des Arènes.

The design approach recognises beauty in function, harmony, craftsmanship, and finesse. This approach intends to reflect the nature of dentistry as a profession deep-seated in functional transformation. It is a field inherently engaged with efficiently resolving pragmatic concerns in a careful and finely crafted manner. This approach reveres and invites exploration of the idea of beauty in utility.

The interior intervention is primarily concerned with augmenting the perception and experience of each of the project’s harmoniously resolved utilitarian functional requirements. It draws upon the attitude of beauty in utility typical to early 20th Century Modernism, and in particular to the architectural theory of first wave Modernist thinkers including Adolf Loos, which defines beauty as the result of finely resolved pragmatic requirements in an aesthetically harmonious manner. 

This approach recognises the inherent condition that a design resolution must deliver upon practical, emotional, and ethical functional requirements in a simple, elegant, and purposeful way.

Construction Drawings

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