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Interior Concepts

05 Feb 2015 by In Interiors

How it works

We begin the process by defining the look you want and examining your existing furniture, space, and budget. We then delve into layering colour, fabrics, furniture, and objects in order to achieve your desired look.

Surprisingly, almost any space can carry any look, it's simply a matter of [us] clearly defining your goals, analysing what it is that makes you love the spaces you love, and then working these in with your current space to create a whole new space within an old one.

We always ground our Colour and Interior Concepts in your taste and your things to ensure that they can evolve over time to become homely, lived in, characterful spaces that reflect who you are and how you live.

Even if you aren't sure of what you like, we have a special knack for working you out - usually by picking out subtle clues in your favourite things, rooms, or memories. Really, it might sound strange, but even if you think you have no style, you do!

For example...

A selection of Colour Concepts developed for several clients (including one for my own space!), including both interior and exterior proposals.

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