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House at the Vintage

17 Aug 2015 by In Building Design

The Design Brief

The site is located in small development of houses on the Vintage golf course in the Hunter Valley. Central to the brief was a requirement to maximise views and make the most of the natural qualities of the site and its immediate golf course context. The clients dreamed of a house that felt almost as though it were a holiday home - inviting, relaxing, and open to the sun all day long. 

The proposal itself needed to accomodate a large, primary living space housing the kitchen, dining and main living room. It also needed to provide a secondary living (tv) room, an office, outdoor living and dining rooms and four bedrooms. 

At the heart of the project is the clients' requirement that the proposed dwelling interacted plentifully and thoughtfully with the surrounding landscape, and wherever possible provide for effortless and abundant connections between inside and out. The design response intends to develop a multitude of interior and exterior spaces dedicated to the varied daily rhythms and functions of the family that openly engage the house with the landscape and satisfy the poetic and pragmatic demands of the brief.

The Design Proposal

The design proposes a light, airy, spacious, and inviting dwelling with an inherent visual, physical, and poetic connection to the immediate and surrounding landscape. 

The design invites exploration, gradually revealing itself as one moves from the entry to within. 

Public living areas open themselves generously to sun, gardens, and the golf course. Sleeping zones are secluded and private, taking in distant vistas. 

The proposal is underpinned by an intention to embody an effortless flow between inside and out, always encouraging human interaction with natural light, ventilation, views, and the outside.