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Newcastle Urban Design

14 Dec 2013 by In Theoretical Design


This project envisaged the instigation of the Very Fast Train between Melbourne and Brisbane along the East coast of Australia, including a key stop in the center of Newcastle. The brief entailed the redevelopment of a large parcel of land bordered on the North by Newcastle Harbour, and on the South by Newcastle CBD. More specifically, it required the inclusion of the VFT station and platforms, commercial and retail space, university buildings, residential accommodation, and excellent public space. The site covers an area spanning the approximate equivalent of twelve Newcastle city blocks.

I was encouraged by my tutor Professor Lawrence Nield to follow my interest in architectural theory and came to focus my architectural concept on the works of Adrian Stokes, Colin St John Wilson, and Walter Benjamin. These theorists helped to inform my design process and invited me into the somewhat experimental realm of architectural design founded upon notions of the uncanny. 

My approach was in many ways based on juxtapostion; that of vast, open, disquieting spaces for moving quickly through, and those of human-scaled, enveloped spaces for stopping, thinking, talking and living. It is these contradictions in architectural space which, as Stokes has said, convey so heavily the power of architecture on human experience.


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