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The Kings’ Houses

21 Jan 2017 by In Building Design

The Design Brief

The project entails the design and documentation of two duplexes situated within the beachside town of Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast.

The site is in a neighbourhood undergoing a significant increase in residential development including that of small apartment complexes, townhouses, and other duplexes, alongside a smattering of remaining historical beach-side single dwellings.

The project must consider and respond to its context in terms of scale, privacy, and in delivering a unique design outcome.

Specifically, each dwelling must accommodate an open plan living, kitchen, and dining area, three bedrooms, a double garage, and be swathed in natural light. It is preferred that each dwelling has the feeling of an individual home rather than that of a traditional duplex in terms of privacy, outlook, and street address.

The Design Proposal

The proposal delivers an intervention inherently linked with the landscape and intends to create two
effortlessly inviting and livable dwellings that exploit the site’s constraints, clients’ brief, and beach village context as
a means of developing a unique and tailored design outcome.

The design draws from mid century influences and celebrates the horizontal plane as an appropriate and effective
method of developing identity, dealing with climatic conditions, and of framing views toward desired outlooks.

Landscaping acts as an integral design element throughout and provides opportunities for the creation of subtle
and yet effective thresholds between the house and the street, giving each house a distinct sense of privacy whilst
also allowing for maximum connection between inside and out, natural light, and available vistas.

Each dwelling invites plentiful northern sun into the floorplan; the L-shape building footprints allowing for ample north facing building surface area opening onto generous northern private garden spaces. These semi-internalised courtyard gardens utilise more than 25% of the allowable buildable area and create generous interior spaces with ample outlook within a economical building footprint.


The King's Houses are is currently under construction. Check back here or follow us on facebook and instagram for updates!