Parsley Bay House - Poppy Bevan Architecture & Interiors
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Parsley Bay House


Alterations & Additions, Interiors





Vaucluse, NSW


The Project

We are very glad to be able to help remediate and renovate this big old place in Vaucluse for our lovely clients. Their site is the most wonderful, private sanctuary in the middle of everything.

Many years ago they had an extremely challenging experience with the builder that undertook the original renovation works and it has taken them over 15 years to be able to face any sort of project here again, despite some desperately needed remediation due to inept building work.

We firmly believe that designing and building your home should be an exciting and enjoyable experience (without stress!), and it’s so disappointing to know that kind, decent people often go through such immense stress and disappointment in this process (reliable builder or not).



Complete 2023

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