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Residential design is an intimate, tailored, and often lengthy process that delivers a unique design outcome for every project.

The creation of successful, beautiful space is reliant upon three main influences; client, site, and context. These elements drive the design process and ensure the creation of original, and considered buildings, which satisfy the functional and aesthetic requirements of all space. 

Our residential design services range from medium scale renovations and heritage alterations and additions to new builds.


We love creating bespoke commerical interiors that are a perfect three dimensional representation of a brand's identity and ethos. 

Fundamental to this process is the development of interior spaces that deliver on the everyday working needs of the buidling inhabitants as well as the occasional needs of visitors, customers, and clientele.

We provide full service commerical interior design as well as commerical interior design consulting. 



Our Interior Design process is based upon the thorough examination of client wants, needs, and aspirations. This information is combined with our design expertise to create comfortable, beautiful & functional interiors. The entire process is deeply client-centric and provides for a truly tailored, unique and personal design result.

Our services include the development and install of Interior Design solutions for both residential and commerical spaces including Interior Concept development, sourcing and specifying of materials, finishes, joinery, and furniture, and overseeing of works.


  • Travis Hall

    I have recently renovated my house in Balcatta WA and without Poppy's help in the renovation it would have taken a lot longer to complete.
    What I found fantastic was that she shops around and picks everything you need, and makes sure that it suits the style you are looking for... I don't really like thinking about colour schemes and current design styles - I'm just more hands on and get the job done, so Poppy takes care of that side of it.
    This was my second time dealing with Poppy on a project and I highly recommend anyone looking for a knowledgeable designer to contact Poppy for help if you are wanting a fantastic result.
    Without a doubt if I hadn't used Poppy I would not have the great result I have finished up with.

  • Shelley Wagstaff

    On moving into a rather bland 2 bedroom apartment I knew had to do something about it! I had a number of pieces of furniture that I loved (and some that I did not) and I had a good idea about my tastes and preferences but was unsure about how to materialise these somewhat random ideas and items in to an actual space. Poppy was able to guide me through the process of identifying what it was that I actually liked (not just random pinterest photos, or what she liked!) and put together a fabulous concept for the space, she then guided me with great advice on selections and implementation, once the space was finished I was left loving everything she (we?) had done! Not only did I end up with a space I love I was also given the ability (and confidence) to continue developing the space in the future! Thank you Poppy!