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Interior Design

About our Process

Interior Design lies at the heart of the human experience of space; Interiors are the most forthright, accessible and affecting aspect of any building in that they are what we experience most often and for the longest periods in experiencing any built form. As such, Interiors have a fundamental influence on our mood, comfort, and contentedness in experiencing space.

Having said this, interiors are often neglected in the professions of architecture and building design, except where they might further develop the architectural concept. It must be said, however, that architecture and interiors, whilst inherently interconnected, play different roles in our experience of space and should be considered such, in that neither one can fully satisfy the functional opportunities of the other, and thus each alone must be considered in a way which exploits its own possibilities.

Interiors are much more personal than architectural space. In this way, the process of Interior Design is heavily reliant on client tastes, passions, and aspirations, and in fact it is these issues which almost fully inform the design process.


... Getting Started!

The process begins with the identification of your tastes and requirements. This initial consultation involves the discussion of your needs, the project constraints, and your desired outcome. This can be an over the phone consultation, or even better, an on-site meeting, which will allow us an instant insight into your space, constraints, and design personality.


Drawing of La Maison Roche, Paris, 2010



Includes an analysis of your intention for the space including the style, practical constraints, and feel that you would like to achieve.


Defines your budget for the project and the extent of advice that you require. This is a key phase in ensuring that the end result not only satisfies you aesthetically but also works within your project budget.


Outlines your aspirations for the space, including its overall style, feel, and overarching colour ways, as well any specific or particular design requirements.


Includies the detailed consideration and selection of colours, objects, upholstery, joinery and other permanent fixtures or fittings according to your budget and design concept.


Involves overseeing install, object arrangement, furniture layouts, colour application, and detail considerations in your space.

We work on a range of projects, including large scale office fitouts, shopfronts, cafes, and residential interiors.


  • Shelley Wagstaff

    On moving into a rather bland 2 bedroom apartment I knew had to do something about it! I had a number of pieces of furniture that I loved (and some that I did not) and I had a good idea about my tastes and preferences but was unsure about how to materialise these somewhat random ideas and items in to an actual space. Poppy was able to guide me through the process of identifying what it was that I actually liked (not just random pinterest photos, or what she liked!) and put together a fabulous concept for the space, she then guided me with great advice on selections and implementation, once the space was finished I was left loving everything she (we?) had done! Not only did I end up with a space I love I was also given the ability (and confidence) to continue developing the space in the future! Thank you Poppy!

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