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Colour Consultancy

To begin with...

Colour is an overwhelmingly powerful design element and plays an essential role in creating coherent, characterful, and comfortable spaces. Whether its use is intense or muted, neutral or bold, the center of attention or as a demure backdrop, colour always affects our experience of space.


The Process

The colour consultancy process is a relatively simple one, which can have immense and easily achievable effects. The process is informed by three prevailing influences; those being client tastes, existing furniture, fittings & fixtures, and the space's immediate context.

Each project brief begins with defining the project concept, which for example, may intend to engender feelings of warmth, serenity, or elegance, or embody a certain character derived from location, such as a beach house, country retreat, or English manor. In developing the colour concept it is of course paramount to foremost identify client goals for the space, which may be a single room, whole house, or a building exterior. 

The concept development will involve paint selections, but may also consider interior furnishings, fixtures, and fittings. This concept must be developed with all three abovementionned influences in mind in order to ensure a harmonious and beautiful result.


For example...

A selection of Colour Concepts developed for several clients (including one for my own space!), including both interior and exterior proposals.

Resene Sea Mist walls alongside Dulux Vivid White trims and cool, medium toned grey carpet in Scarborough Beach House