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2017 was a big year for us, but I am pretty sure 2018 will be bigger…

It’s been four years now since I graduated from my Masters of Architecture and threw myself into my business full time, and I have to say that last year was definitely the most intense. I was almost going to say that it was also the most progressive so far, but to be honest every year we’ve moved forward in bounds and I’m always amazed at how distant the year before seems when I look back on things. Over the Christmas break we went over some very early strategic business planning documents and let me tell you – never do you realise just how much you’ve learnt than when looking over the evidence of the way you used to think about things!

What’s always been consistent for us is our almost dogmatic design approach. I am entirely unable to compromise on anything when it comes to running our business and I think that this, combined with last year being our busiest in terms of bookings, meant that we really had to work hard to achieve the outcomes we wanted and ensure that absolutely nothing went undone. This also meant that we spent the break developing our business strategy (as we do every year) to be in line with our current ideals and big picture plans because there’s no doubt for me that a very important facet of running a successful business is not only in completing the work to the highest standard, but in also defining (BIG) long term goals so that moving onward and upward is simply inevitable. Finding the time to do that in the middle of a huge and hectic work year can be hard, but taking the time to refine our systems and business outlook is crucial in ensuring that we continue to provide the best level of service and design outcome possible for every project, as well as developing personally and professionally as designers and business people.

Having said all of that, I thought this would be a nice time to reflect on 2017 by having a look at some of my favourite spaces and most inspiring images of the year. These images centre around interiors because last year was really the beginning of the development of this side of our business and I found this to be a very enjoyable and revealing process. Many of our clients will know that I have never really been a hardcore architect in terms of finding delight in streamlined, pared-back spaces and the truth is that at heart I am a total maximalist!

A few designers really struck a cord with me in 2017 and my appreciation for their intensity and whole-hearted dedication to design is an ongoing comfort and enlivening inspiration. And as ever, there were a few timeless design styles that stuck with me too. Below is a very condensed but lovely array of some favourites. Happy New Year.

Blue & White

Mark Sikes

Mark D Sikes



St. Laurent by de Gournay


Wendy Labrume

Wendy Labrume Design

British and French Colonial


Clove Hall, Penang

Airy botanticals

Tory Burch

Tory Burch


Cowtan & Tout

Cowtan & Tout

Gold and Caramel

Mark D Sikes

Mark D Sikes

Birds in intense colourways

Joss Graham

Joss Graham Gallery

Navy paneling

james f carter

James F Carter

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The Author:

Our principle designer Poppy is a Masters of Architecture graduate from the University of Newcastle, Australia. She graduated in 2013 with First Class Honours, received the Dean's Medal and was awarded the Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter Masters of Architecture Graduate of the Year prize. In 2010, Poppy received the Eric Parker Travelling Scholarship encouraging the research and drawing of architecture.

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