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House of Arras Blanc de Blancs

by Adam in Craving Comments: 0

The obsession with Chardonnay continues. House of Arras Blanc de Blancs sparkling Chardonnay holds a steady place in my heart.

I don’t care that Chardonnay is out of fashion I like it oaky, I like it sumptuous, and I want each sip to carry me away to the perfect
image of a raging fire in the winter time.

For this edition my highlight was to celebrate Chardonnay with bubbles. Tie those particular bubbles to Australia’s premier sparkling winemaker, Ed Carr – how could one go wrong?

I love everything House of Arras does. France can have their Champagne. Dollar for dollar I’ll take Tasmania any day of the week.

Not that I pay much heed to the Dan Murphy’s ‘wine panel’, but on this point I tend to agree.

“This is a faultless, pristine, pitch perfect blanc de blancs. Up there with the very best. Meticulous winemaking. Grapefruit and lemon zest with buttered toast.”.

Well, warm the bread, lather on the butter, sprinkle over those zesty citrus notes. All in a glass of ultra-fine bubbles? Oui, we have arrived in flavour country!

Personally I don’t feel there’s any occasion or cuisine that isn’t improved by a bottle of Arras, and their Blancs de Blancs especially so. Most recently I devoured it with Indian food… I’ll do it again.