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Winter Magic of the Japanese Camellia

by Leonie in Garden Comments: 0

Japanese Camellia ( Camellia Japonica )

There is no need for your winter garden to lack interest. With careful planning even the depths of our coldest months can burst into a colourful Winter to Spring display.

The addition of glossy green foliage and fabulous blooms of the Camellia Japonica ( Japanese Camellia) will bring your Winter garden to life and provide a wonderful dense green screen all year round.

This long-lived plant’s shapely form and versatility makes it a must for every garden. It can be trimmed into hedges, lollipopped, potted, trained as an espalier, or allowed to grow as a specimen tree.

The evergreen shiny deep green foliage is enhanced by beautiful flower heads which can be in single, semi-double, double, rose, or peony form.

The colour of the flowers range from pure white to all shades of soft pinks to dark red and purple, and will attract nectar loving birds to your garden.

Camellias will grow in part shade or dappled light, ideal as an under story, and like to remain moist with thick mulch to protect their shallow root zone.

Although this exotic plant looks delicate it is easy to grow, hardy, and has few problems – the perfect winter plant

Soft Pink Japanese Camellia ( Camellia Japonica )