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Australian Interior Design Awards 2014

15 Apr 2014 by In Interior Design, News
Shortlist Announced

Each year The Australian Interior Design Awards “recognise and celebrate interior design excellence via a credible, industry-based program, which is backed by the Design Institute of Australia, the professional body representing Australian designers”. The awards are open to any design professional within Australia and can include projects from all over the world.

We have such a great tradition of excellent design in Australia, and I always find it exciting to have a look at what is currently being recognised as the best of the best. These awards cover every area of Interior Design and Decoration, including Commercial, Residential, Public, Hospitality Design and so much more. I thought that since the shortlist is now out and the awards and commendations will be given in just under a month, this might be a nice time to have a look at one of my favourite entries.  Of course my great interest is in Residential Architecture and Interiors, so my selection sits within this realm. It is the beautiful & crisp Pavillion House by Arent & Pyke – shortlisted in the Residential Interior Descoartion category. If you’d like to have a look at the full shortlist, click here.



Having a look at this shortlist made me think about the current nature of Interior Design, and to me it seems like there are a few differing and rather distant worlds of Interior Design in current existence. This will probably always be the way, on account of the fact that everyone likes certain things. Having said that, on something more broad than a personal level, Interior Design practice seems to be split between several stylistic approaches, which vary on the scale between Architecture and Interior Decoration. These are two labels I’m using for want of better words, because their definitions are blurred, and really, this is where the heart of the issue lies. Currently, Interior Design is an overarching term which should in theory apply to any consideration and design of interior space. However, in reality it is rare that Interior Design is genuinely considered in such an all encompassing manner.

The aforementioned awards thoroughly explore the Architectural end of the Interior Design spectrum, in my opinion, and it is only a shame that there isn’t room in these awards, or perhaps a different set of awards, which look at the other side of Interiors. I’m talking of the softer, more lived-in, less modernist, and therefore absolutely waify (haha) sort of interiors that make you want to sink in to a squashy linen couch with a cup of tea and luxuriate in dappled sunlight, surrounded by bright green indoor plants and the afternoon breeze.

Of course, I love that there exist so many different schools of design; this is the way it has always been, and this is the result of serious inquiry, research, exploration and courage on the part of new designers, looking toward the future. It only disappoints me that so much fantastic design is ignored because it doesn’t fit into some sort of unmentioned, rigid set of regulations, which are in fact totally inappropriate company when considering the implied broadness of the Australian Interior Design Awards. It would make more sense to me if these awards were explicit about their contemporary/modernist tendancies, so that there might be scope for another range of awards directed at some of the other stylistic approaches currently in practice in the Interior Design world.

There, rant done! Anyone who follows my blog should be getting a good fix of all sorts of Interior images – it’s lucky I’m here to fill the gap.


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