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Automotive Holdings Group Head Office

17 Mar 2017 by In Interiors

The design brief

Automotive Holdings Group is Australia's largest motoring and logistics group. This year, their head office relocated from its existing Perth location to a recently constructed Sydney office and we had the pleaseure of designing its interiors. 

An enormous scale project, this was a huge and exciting venture for us. We approached it with great enthusiam and early on defined that the interiors of this new space should wholly reflect AHG as a brand, and its position as a leader in the automotive industry. 

With over 4,000m2 of office and front of house operations space and more than 8,000m2 of warehouse, the project required an intensely rigorous approach and an extremely deliberate and well defined design outcome. This was held in check by our overarching Interior Concept, which came to inform every element of the interiors, from colour and work stations design to custom rugs and joinery.

The Design Proposal

The proposal puts forth an Interior Concept that confidently and accurately reflects the character and identity of AHG, whilst also allowing these selections to cater for the partnership between AHG and its affiliated brands.

The Interior Concept draws closely on AHG’s identity; as a capable, reliable, and consistent group that manages and retails highly engineered products. AHG’s logistics network and its automotive retailers are the embodiment of innovation, precision, and detail. The proposed Interior Concept intends to reflect these characteristics throughout the building from large scale first impressions to the minute details of each furniture and detail selection.

The interior palette is comprised of greys, black, white, chestnut coloured upholstery, timber, and chrome. These selections reflect both AHG’s branding and public perception of the automotive industry as a whole as being high-tech, refined, and dignified. Furthermore the palette has been carefully considered as a neutral backdrop to sit comfortably alongside additional colours brought to the space via the presence of the various brands represented by the company.

The interior palette is designed to be viewed as a whole in order to ensure coherency throughout the various spaces within the building which are in many ways indistinct given the predominance of glazed interior walls. For this reason, and to ensure coherency and clarity within the space, the proposed interior palette is succinct, refined, neutral, and deliberate.

This concise, neutral palette is given depth and interest by the application of varied textures, sheen, materials, and transparency provided by glass. This strategy is utilised throughout the building to create distinct spaces with characteristics suited to their unique functional requirements without moving away from a strong, timeless Interior Concept with a neutral base palette.

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