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Bar Beach House

12 Mar 2016 by In Building Design


Bar Beach House is designed for a family of four, with an emphasis on future flexibility and in creating spaces which will have great longevity, both in terms of function and aesthetic. Being a family home, it is required to accomodate the many changing needs of a growing family, and is required to provide spaces which will satisfy the family for many years to come. 

The site is located on Memorial Drive, Bar Beach and has fabulous vistas toward the ocean and coastal headlands to the south east, as well as views of the hills to the west. 


The brief focuses on providing a family-oriented home which makes the most of the fabulous views toward the ocean at the southeast and the distant hills to the west, and has an inherent sense of inter-connectedness between the interior and garden spaces.

The site, local context, natural light, framed vistas, and sea breezes are fundamental design considerations and form the basis of the design's conceptual underpinnings.

Further to this, the project draws upon classic beach house precedents as instigators for its form and materiality. The design intends to ensure a classic, yet low maintenance and highly livable exterior, whilst also providing for a more traditionally ornamented interior, reminiscent of New England coastal houses.