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House at Lorn

29 Jan 2016 by In Building Design

The Design Brief

This project involves the design of a rear alteration and addition to a 1910 Federation dwelling in Lorn, NSW for a young family with two small children.

The existing house, whilst relatively spacious in scale and proportion, accommodates only two bedrooms, one small bathroom, a small and disconnected kitchen, and an array of convoluted rear additions and garden structures. The interior spaces overall are dark and completely disconnected from the garden and a large existing pool spanning almost half the width of the block very close to the back of the existing house.

The proposed design intends to improve and simplify the overall house and garden configuration to better allow for the effortless habitation of both interior and exterior space.

The design was required to refine and add to the existing floor plan to accommodate the clients’ room requirements with a focus on creating light and airy new spaces whilst ensuring that alterations to the existing spaces capitalise on the house’s historic architecture.

Overall, the design proposal maximises solar aspect, highlights the house’s historic features, makes the most of (and, where necessary, improves) the existing garden spaces and outlook, and incorporates a strong interior/exterior connection between the main living spaces and the garden.

The Design Proposal

The design proposal intends to create a warm, inviting, and liveable family home which makes the most of its local and immediate historic context whilst accommodating the needs of contemporary family life.

The proposal delivers spaces that benefit from the poetic arrangement and management of light and dark, old and new, and inside and out in order to deliver a design outcome which not only satisfies the pragmatic requirements of the brief, but also provides for unexpected and welcome moments of delight.

The proposed rear additions should intend to deliver a warm and inviting social hub that works alongside the primarily private spaces housed in the historic part of the house.

The proposed design preserves areas of the historic house that display exemplary examples of Federation character whilst allowing a workable overall design solution and providing for the requirements of contemporary family-oriented life.

The proposed dwelling interacts thoughtfully with the surrounding garden and including with the existing pool, and wherever possible the design intends to provide for abundant visual connections between inside and out whilst also allowing for maximum northern solar access to as much of the house as possible.


The House at Lorn is currently under construction. Check back here or follow us on facebook and instagram for updates!