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Call us toll free: +41 401 557 805

Your Experience

Your Experience

Define your place

Our unique process is finely crafted to deliver genuinely reponsive and bespoke design outcomes.

Your Experience

Creating your home is an intimate, tailored, and often lengthy process. We have spent many years refining our unique design approach ensuring the journey from design to realisation is streamlined, stress-free, and satisfying. We pride ourselves on the experience we offer and aim to ensure that the creation of your new home is seamless, empowering, and exciting. Our expertise combines with your individual needs, tastes, and priorities to create one-of-a-kind design outcome that perfectly fits your family.

We understand that every project is unique to the individual. Residential design is an intimate, tailored, and often lengthy process that results in a unique design outcome for every project. Together with your ideas and personal taste and our knowledge and experience, we involve and communicate with you during the process from start to finish.

Our residential design services range from medium scale renovations and heritage alterations and additions to new builds.

We are committed to a highly personalised experience for each of our clients and their individual tastes and needs.

We understand designing and building your new space can be overwhelming and firmly believe the process should be an enjoyable one. It is with this in mind we aim to guide you through each step of the process and remove the stress and that can often overshadow the experience of creating a new home.

Our Core Phases

  • The Concept
  • The Visualisation
  • Development Application
  • Construction Documentation
  • Tendering & Negotiation
  • The Realisation

Our Supplementary Phases

  • Amendments
  • Feasibility

Core Phases

We offer a flexible and intuitive design process that proceeds phase by phase to provide our clients with a streamlined experience in achieving the best design outcomes.

This approach provides our clients with a varying degree of adaptability dependent upon their requirements relating to our involvement, which can range from providing only essential services all the way through to a full service offering.

In line with our open and transparent approach our Core Phases are fixed price when fixed in scope. This provides our clients with the ability to suitably allocate resources.

1. The Concept

This is a deeply creative and exploratory phase that intends to explore the many and varied potential design opportunities in order to determine the ideal design proposal. This phase relies on client analysis, sketching, and research to define the overall project scope, direction, and masterplan. 

2. The Visualisation

This phase begins to bring the project to life in 3D and includes the creation of imagery and videos that show the design in detail and give the client a clear and holistic idea of the design proposal. 

3. Development Application

This phase incorporates the preparation of all documentation required to submit the DA to the relevant statutory authority with the intent of achieving development consent.

4. Construction Documentation

This phase incorporates 3 components; Detail Design, The Selections, and The Specification that together complete the project on paper and describe every aspect of the proposal in detail. These documents are used to attain project costings and instruct the selected contractor(s) as to what must be built. 

5. Tendering & Negotiation

This phase includes the assessment of potential contractors and produces a shortlist of those best suited to undertaking the project. The project is then issued for costing by the shortlisted contractors. These costings are analysed and compared to inform any negotiations undertaken prior to final contractor selection. Realisation This phase brings your project to life. During construction your project is realised and throughout this process we guide the contractor(s), refine on site design details, and ensure that your expectations are exceeded.


6. The Realisation

This phase brings your project to life. During construction your project is realised and throughout this process we guide the contractor(s), refine on site design details, and ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

Supplementary Phases

Throughout the design process our clients may request our further involvement. This could include requests for additional design development, design amendments, guidance in determining project feasibility, additional documentation or design work requested by external consultants, contractors, or council. This work will typically fall within one of our Supplementary Phases depending on its nature, and may occur before or after any one of our Core Phases.

Our Supplementary Phases are either charged hourly or quoted as a fixed price at the time of request. This approach to fees best reflects the fluid and varying nature of these phases and to ensure that each client only pays for what they individually need.


The Amendments phases entail design or other alterations to the work produced as a result of a Core Phase and may occur at any point in the process as requested by the client or external consultants, contractors, or council (as approved by the client). The Amendments phases are charged hourly in order to ensure that each client only pays for the services they require.


The Feasibility phases are typically prompted by a client’s need to clarify whether limitations set by certain external factors such as cost, planning controls, or structural engineering may affect the project outcome. This phase intends to clarify the project direction and/or adjust the brief as required to meet the impact of these factors. The Feasibility phases may be charged hourly or as a fixed price depending on individual project requirements and can occur before or after any of the Core Phases.

  • Dr. Park

    I was so impressed with the experience I had with Poppy when designing my new home. From start to finish, Poppy was the ultimate professional, full of enthusiasm and incredible ideas, and importantly for me she guided me through a process I was entirely unfamiliar with. Poppy clearly has amazing skills in design, however it was her passion, genuine interest, and attention to detail that impressed me the most. Poppy made the whole process so enjoyable and inspiring - it was an entirely personal experience with a delightfully unique outcome.