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Our World

There is almost nothing beautiful that we don’t have an interest in; architecture, art, design, furniture, fabrics, objects, fashion, fine carpets. 


We fulfil our need to satiate these desires by way of travel, exploration, and research. We find the process of learning perpetually enriching.


Here you will find our musings on the world of design and a collection of things that motivate and inspire us.

Design Newsletter

Our design newsletter à point takes you on a journey into the world of design.

Newsletter Issue I

Newsletter Issue II

Newsletter Issue III


Our regular design column in Coast Magazine gives you insight into current and future design trends.

COAST Magazine – Winter 2022

The world of design can seem a very daunting and inaccessible place to many people. I’ve always believed that everyone should have the opportunity to access great design, because everyone deserves to live in beautiful spaces that perfectly reflect who they are.

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Story telling through design to create something amazing