Our Studio - Poppy Bevan Design Studio
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Poppy Bevan Design Studio

We know that design has the power to change lives and that this starts with the small things. This is why we love to design projects inside and out, from top to bottom.


We specialise in bespoke residential renovations, new builds, and interior design. These are layered, time consuming, and complex design challenges and we ensure that the experience from start to finish is energising, exciting, and easy for our clients.


We take great satisfaction in guiding you through this journey and believe that it is our role to discover what makes you unique so that together we can create beautiful spaces that tell your story.


We take care of the hard parts and simply ask you to be you.

Our Founder

Poppy is a dedicated and discerning designer whose passion and experience spans the world of design. She studied architecture and languages at university, obsesses over interiors, loves art, fashion, and textiles, and finds great inspiration in travel.


One of Poppy’s most identifying characteristics is her open-minded and limitless approach to design – not only is anything possible, but – just like her Australian culture – she sees that the best in design comes by way of an eclectic mix of all that the world has to offer.


Poppy’s portfolio of work is as far reaching as her interests and includes an array of ground-up residential design, high end interior design, custom commercial fit outs, and bespoke furniture & detail design.


When founding her design studio Poppy was determined to do things differently; she knew the world of design seemed inaccessible, unfriendly, and daunting to many people, and yet she was sure that it was too valuable and life-enriching to remain inexperienced. Poppy built her business on her friendly approach, excellent communication skills, deep love of design, and utmost reliability.

Phaistos, Crete, Greece

Our Studio

Our team is motivated by the satisfaction we achieve in creating unique designs that exceed expectations.


We are problem solvers who genuinely care about achieving the best outcomes for our clients and we know that being great communicators is crucial to getting the job done.


We are driven by a passion to understand people. Our clients are our muses and they inspire us to create personalised, beautiful, and utterly functional spaces that stand the test of time.


We are committed to creating a highly personalised experience for each of our clients based on their individual tastes and needs. We care that your experience from start to finish is a positive and exciting one.

Our Key Characteristics


    We have an insatiable appetite to know more about design, our clients, and the world.


    We believe that relationships should be life affirming, we know that positivity begets positivity.


    We weigh the merits of all ideas as a thoughtful means of expanding our knowledge and finding the best outcome.


    We believe in greatness. We are determined, dedicated, and hard working.

Experience the difference

If you have a story to tell and want to create something amazing together, we’d love to hear from you.

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