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Call us toll free: +41 401 557 805
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2017 Roundup

Happy New Year

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Architecture Focus

Kaufmann Desert House by Richard Neutra

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Building and Interior Design for new builds, renovations, and interior projects

We are a practice fundamentally interested in understanding how people inhabit space. We consider this as at the heart of our design process; first and foremost we consider our clients - their needs, wants, and their ideal intentions. For us, design is about creating spaces that work wonderfully for our clients, not because they follow trends or express abstract notions of pomp and ceremony, but because they perfectly fit the needs of those who live or work within them. We aim to create spaces that not only satisfy, but actually improve the day to day moments of life by paying particular and minute attention to the unique intricacies of human life.

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Architecture, Landscape and Interiors are inherently interlinked design elements.
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